: The Mighty Falcon of the Northern Hemisphere

Merlins are a species of small falcons that inhabit the northern hemisphere. These birds are fascinating creatures, with unique hunting habits and an impressive ability to fly at incredibly high speeds. In this blog post, we will discuss these amazing animals in detail.

Basic Description

Merlins are small falcons, about the size of a pigeon or crow. They have broad wings and long tails which make them very agile in flight. One way to identify them is by their dark blue-grey upperparts and pale underparts with fine streaks, as well as their distinctive facial pattern that includes a mustache-like stripe on either side of their beak.

Where To Find This Bird

Merlins can be found throughout the northern hemisphere, including North America, Europe, Asia and parts of Africa. They prefer open areas such as tundras or grasslands but can also be seen near forests or other wooded areas.


The merlin’s preferred habitat is open country where it is able to find prey easily while perched on tree branches or rocks overlooking fields and meadows. Due to human activities like urbanization and agriculture practices encroaching into natural habitats for these birds there has been a decline in their population numbers over time.


This bird feeds mainly on smaller birds such as songbirds (including sparrows) upland game birds like quails & partridges among others but may also eat lizards or insects when food sources become scarce during colder months – especially when snow covers vegetation making it harder for prey items to hide from predators.

Cool Facts

– Merlins have been recorded flying at speeds up to 60 miles per hour
– Unlike many larger raptors who rely heavily upon staking out prey from perches only then swooping down suddenly upon unsuspecting targets; Merlins often hunt while actively flying through woods & thickets looking for their next meal.
– The female Merlin is larger than the male by about 25% and can catch prey that’s twice her weight!
– Merlins are known for being very vocal birds, with a variety of calls including high-pitched whistles, chattering and even barks.

In conclusion, Merlins are amazing birds that deserve more attention. With their incredible speed, unique hunting habits and beautiful appearance they truly are one of the most fascinating creatures in the northern hemisphere!