Lovebirds as Pets

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The name Lovebirds refers to the nine species of small African Parrots, Genus Agapornis. Eight of these species originate on the African continent, the ninth from the island of Madagascar. The three common species are Peachfaced Lovebird, Masked Lovebird, and Fischer’s Lovebird. The remaining six are Nyasa Lovebird, Black-Cheeked Lovebird, Madagascar Lovebird, Abyssininan Lovebird, Redfaced Lovebird, and Black-Collared Lovebird.

Lovebirds got their name for their fondness of sitting in pairs preening each other. They are small, active birds, ranging in size from 4 – 7 inches, depending on the species. They also tend to have loud chirps, get nippy from time to time, love to chew, and are very inquisitive. Don’t be surprised if your lovebird is part Houdini, they can be very good escape artists. A lovebird will not sing, but communicates with a variety of chirps, squeaks, and peeps. A single lovebird can be a great pet, which will love to play and snuggle with you.

A good balanced diet consists of pellets supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice, lentils, and boiled egg. Corn and sprouted seed are often a big hit. Presentation may depend on if your lovebird will eat the offered food. If he doesn’t eat a particular vegetable or fruit try shredding or chopping it finely. Always provide fresh water. You may want to get your lovebird used to drinking from a tube, as a favorite pastime is making soup in their water dish.

Provide your lovebird with the largest size cage you can afford appropriate with your space allowances, watching the bar spacing. It is unwise to house a lovebird with other birds, as it is not unheard of for a lovebird to maim or even kill any bird smaller than itself. Make sure your lovebird has plenty of toys, puzzles and chew toys are good choices.

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