Lesser Black-backed Gull

Basic Description

The Lesser Black-backed Gull is a medium-sized seabird that belongs to the family of Laridae. Its scientific name is Larus fuscus, and it has a wingspan of approximately 51-62 inches (130-157 cm) with its body measuring around 22-26 inches (56-66 cm). The plumage of this bird varies depending on its age. Adults have black backs contrasting with their white heads and underparts, while immature birds have brownish-black feathers.

Where To Find This Bird?

The Lesser Black-backed Gull breeds in coastal areas across Europe and western Asia. During the winter season, they migrate southwards towards Africa or southern Asia for warmer weather conditions.


This bird can live near different types of water bodies like coasts, lakeshores or riversides. It prefers to breed on flat sandy islands offshore where there are no predators such as foxes or rats.


Lesser Black-backed Gulls are opportunistic feeders and will consume anything that comes their way. They eat fish, crustaceans, mollusks as well as insects and small mammals like rodents when available. They also scavenge from other seabirds by stealing their prey items during feeding times.

Cool Facts

Did you know that Lesser Black-backed Gulls have been observed using tools? These gulls use bread crumbs placed on the surface of water to lure fish closer to them before catching them quickly! Also interestingly enough they have shown social learning behavior which means they pick up skills from each other; for example opening mussel shells by dropping them from a height!

In conclusion, these stunning birds are fascinating creatures with many unique characteristics that make them special members of our ecosystem! Their beauty in flight combined with various behavioral traits makes observing these gulls an excellent experience for any nature enthusiast out there!