: The Bird Known for “Feigning Injury”

Basic Description

Killdeer, scientifically known as Charadrius vociferus, are medium-sized birds that belong to the plover family. They have a distinctive brown and white plumage with two black bands around their necks. Killdeers have long legs and bills and can grow up to 10-11 inches in length.

Where To Find This Bird

You can find killdeer all over North America, including Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and most of the United States. During winter months they migrate south to Central America or northern South America.


Killdeers prefer open habitats like fields or meadows near water sources such as rivers or streams. They are also common near airports where there is plenty of open space.


Killdeers are omnivores; they feed on a variety of insects such as beetles, caterpillars, moths along with earthworms and crustaceans found in wet mudflats.

Cool Facts

Did you know that killdeer use an interesting tactic when trying to protect their young? When predators approach their nests containing eggs or chicks on the ground – instead of flying away like other birds would do–killdeer pretend they are injured by walking away from them limping while making loud distress calls (vociferous alarm). Once the predator follows them far enough from their nest , suddenly the bird flies off unharmed! This behavior tricks predators into thinking that they’ve got an easy meal but saves her young ones which remain hidden until danger subsides.
Another fascinating fact about this bird is its incredible eyesight: it has monocular vision allowing each eye to see independently so it can watch for both prey items above and behind it while keeping an eye out for approaching predators. This unique adaptation makes killdeer the ultimate hunter and survivor in its habitat!