Iceland Gull

The Iceland Gull is a beautiful bird that inhabits the coastal areas of North America and Europe. It belongs to the family Laridae, which includes gulls, terns, skimmers, and kittiwakes.

Basic Description

The Iceland Gull is a medium-sized gull with a wingspan of up to 4 feet. It has white plumage with gray wingtips that are visible when it flies. In addition, it has a yellow bill with a black tip and dark eyes.

Where To Find This Bird

Iceland Gulls breed in Arctic regions such as Greenland and Canada but they can be found in other parts of North America during winter months. They are also found in northern Europe including Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.


Iceland Gulls prefer habitats near water like sandy beaches or rocky shorelines where they can find food easily. During breeding season they make their nests on cliffs far from human habitation while avoiding other birds for safety reasons.


These birds have an omnivorous diet consisting mainly of fish but sometimes eat crustaceans too along with insects like beetles among others. During the winter months when food may not be abundant they scavenge for carrion items.

Cool Facts

The Icelandic people think these gulls have mystical powers since there are limited stories about them being drifters who go against nature’s laws by surviving harsh winters as well as summers without any provisions.

In conclusion, The Iceland Gull is an interesting bird that can only be seen during certain periods throughout the year making it special to those who get lucky enough to catch sight of one!