3 Proven Ways to Keep Birds Away From Your Porch

Birds are beautiful creatures to admire from afar, but they can become quite the nuisance when they decide to hang out on your porch. Not only do they leave droppings and feathers behind, but their chirping and squawking can be annoying. If you want to keep birds off your porch without harming them, here’s what you can do:

1. Install Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are an effective way of preventing birds from landing on your porch railing or roof edges. These spikes create a barrier that makes it difficult for birds to perch comfortably since they don’t have enough space to land.

You can purchase bird spikes at most hardware stores or online retailers; all you have to do is attach them securely in areas where birds tend to gather.

2. Use Repellent Spray

Another non-harmful method is using repellent spray specially designed for keeping birds away. The spray works by releasing a scent that deters birds while being safe for both humans and pets.

Repellent sprays come in different scents and formulas, so find one that suits your preference or check with your local home improvement store personnel for recommendations.

3. Provide Alternative Perching Areas

Instead of trying hard always to shoo away the pesky critters, consider providing alternative perching areas elsewhere on your property where there’s no possibility of damage due to droppings or nesting habits like trees near bushes etc.

The idea is simple: give the birdies somewhere else more appealing than perching around the edges of your porch!

4. Scare Them Away With Motion-Activated Sensors

Motion-activated sensors are another humane approach used widely as scare tactics usually triggered by movement detectors picking up motion activity within specific zones surrounding porches then emit ultrasonic waves sound which scares off unwanted visiting winged creatures.

5. Hang Reflective Objects

Lastly, hanging reflective objects around your porch can also keep birds away. Birds are easily frightened by sudden movements or bright lights and may avoid landing on the shimmering surfaces created by these items.

You can place shiny streamers, CDs, or glittery ornaments in areas where birds usually perch to create a visual deterrent for them to stay away from your porch.

In conclusion, keeping birds off your porch doesn’t have to involve harming them; there are several non-violent ways of doing so that won’t affect their general well-being. Try one of these methods listed above today and say goodbye to annoying bird droppings forever!