A Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Your Cockatiel a Bath (That They’ll Love!)

cockatiel on wire bird cage

Cockatiels are lovely birds to have as pets, and it’s essential to keep them clean and healthy. Regular baths can help your cockatiel stay fresh and comfortable, but it requires some preparation before you begin. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to give a cockatiel a bath.

Preparing for the Bath

Before giving your cockatiel a bath, make sure that they’re ready for it. Check if the bird is feeling well or if they’ve recently had any illnesses or injuries. If so, hold off on giving them a bath until they recover completely.

Next, gather all the necessary items such as lukewarm water (around 100 degrees Fahrenheit), towels, mild soap (optional), spray bottle filled with water (optional), and anything else that you might need during the process.

Choosing The Right Location For The Bath

When selecting where to bathe your birdie friend, consider their comfort level. Some birds like bathing in small bowls of water while others enjoy being sprayed with mist from a spray bottle. Choose an area without too much noise or disturbances since sudden noises could startle your pet causing unnecessary stress.

Bath Time!

Firstly fill up the sink with warm water approximately one inch deep; alternatively use a large bowl depending on what works best for both of you! Ensure that there are no bubbles because this will confuse and scare your pet bird

Once everything is ready place gently place them into the tub ensuring their safety throughout

You do not need any special shampoo or soap for Cockatiels! Use plain lukewarm tap water instead- adding additives could actually harm their delicate feathers

Give gentle strokes around its feathers using fingers- be sure not to rub too hard since this could lead to weakening of feather roots which means more shedding later down-the-line!

Repeat rinsing then pat your bird with a soft towel to dry them off. Ensure that they are completely dry before returning it back to its cage


Giving your Cockatiel regular baths is essential to ensure their health and hygiene. Remember, the process requires patience and care from both you and the pet bird. Follow these steps outlined above for a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable bathing experience for you both!