How To Choose A Good Bird Breeder

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To pick out the best bird for you, do a LOT of research before actually going bird-shopping. Read magazines, books, online discussion groups; visit bird clubs and talk to owners of the species you are most interested in. It’s easy to find good points about birds-they are easy to fall in love with! But you must also find out what BAD points that particular species has-is it loud, does it need a special diet, etc.

Once you have narrowed your choices to one or two select species, start looking for breeders in your area. Again, you can usually find breeders through the local bird clubs. You might also ask at your local avian (bird) veterinary offices, or look in the back of Bird Talk magazine.

Before you decide on a breeder, talk at length to him or her about your species, and birds in general. Find out how long they’ve been breeding; who is their vet; what diet they recommend for the babies they sell. A good breeder will answer all your questions and not make you feel like you’re wasting their time. A pushy-salesman breeder or one who is short with you may not be the best choice.

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