Unlocking the Secret to a Long Life: How Old Can a Parrot Live To Be?


Parrot Lifespans Vary Greatly Depending On Species and Care

Parrots are among the longest-living pet birds, with lifespans ranging from 10 to 80 years depending on species and care. The oldest known parrot is a 94-year-old Major Mitchell’s cockatoo named Cookie who resides in the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Parrots are social creatures that require a good deal of mental stimulation and a healthy diet to reach their full potential life span.

Factors That Impact Parrot Lifespan

There are several factors that can impact how long your parrot will live, including:

  • Species: The size of the bird will often determine its lifespan, with larger birds generally living longer than smaller ones.
  • Diet: Parrots need balanced diets consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as pellets specially formulated for their species.
  • Exercise :
    Regular exercise is important not only for physical health but also for mental stimulation. Provide your parrot with plenty of toys and other activities to encourage physical activity.

Common Parrot Life SpansThough they have different needs based on their species, most parrots can be expected to live between 20–50 years provided they receive proper care. Here’s an overview of common pet parrot life spans:

    < li >< strong >Budgies/Lovebirds : 5–10 years< li >< strong >Cockatiels : 15 – 25 years< li >< strong >Conures : >20–30 years< li >< strong />Macaws & Amazons : >40–60+years< /li>

    With these longer lifespans comes greater responsibility—parrots require more commitment compared to many other pets since they typically outlive cats or dogs by decades! As such it’s important that you do research into proper care before bringing any bird home so you can ensure they get everything they need throughout their lifetime.