What Does It Cost to Remove Birds From Your Home’s Vents?

Birds nested in your vents is a frustrating and potentially dangerous problem. Not only can they cause damage to your vent system, but their nests and droppings can create fire hazards or spread diseases. To avoid all these issues, you need to remove the birds from your vents immediately. But how much does it cost to get professional bird removal services?

Bird Removal Methods

Before we delve into the costs of removing birds from vents, let’s look at some common methods used by professionals.

1. Traps: Professional bird control companies use live traps that capture birds without harming them.

2. Repellents: Some bird repellents like spikes or netting are installed on roofs or ledges to keep birds away.

3. Vent covers: Installing vent covers prevents pests like rodents and birds from accessing your home through the vents.

4. Fumigation: This method involves killing pests such as insects, rodents, or birds by releasing poisonous gas into infested spaces.

Cost Factors

Several factors affect the cost of bird removal services:

1. The type of Birds: Different types of species require different approaches for effective removal hence varying costs too.

2. The Number of Birds Involved: More extensive infestations will incur higher costs as more time and resources will be required for complete eradication

3 .The Location Of Your Home : Bird extermination prices vary depending on location primarily because there may be differences in labor expenses based on where you live.

Average Costs For Bird Removal From Vents

Based on our research findings, here are approximate prices for various methods used by most professional pest control companies:

– Live trapping ranges between $100-$250 per session
– Vent cover installation may range between $400-$500
– Chemical fumigation may cost around $900 – 1500 per hour
– Netting installation charges about $75 up to $150 per linear foot


Regardless of which method is most suitable for removing birds from your vents, you cannot ignore the importance of hiring a professional. The cost of bird removal services may seem expensive; however, it is better to invest in prevention measures now than wait until more significant damage is done. Remember that the best approach to preventing future bird infestations is by ensuring proper maintenance and keeping up with regular cleaning schedules.