How Long Can a Parakeet Live? Expert Tips to Help Your Feathered Friend Flourish


Parakeets are small, sociable birds that make great pets. They come in a variety of colors and also known as budgerigars. If you’re considering getting one, it’s important to understand their lifespan to properly care for them.

Average Lifespan of a Parakeet

On average, parakeets live between 5-10 years in captivity. However, with proper care and attention, some can live up to 15 years or longer! This depends on several factors such as diet, exercise routine and genetics.


A healthy diet is essential for the longevity of your pet parakeet. Seed-based diets alone do not provide adequate nutrition – they need fresh fruits and vegetables too! You can offer them dark leafy greens like kale or spinach as well as sweet potatoes or carrots. Providing them with clean water is also important – be sure to change it daily.

Exercise Routine

Just like humans, parakeets require regular exercise to stay healthy both mentally and physically. Encourage your bird out of its cage regularly by providing perches outside the cage where they can explore new surroundings safely without risk from predators.


While some breeds have better health records than others but there will always be genetic outliers which may affect how long your bird may survive with optimal care.

Veterinary Care

Taking your pet parakeet for regular vet checkups helps catch potential health issues early on before they turn into bigger problems that could shorten their lifespan dramatically.

Bonding Time

Spending time bonding with your bird establishes trust between you two strengthening the relationship positively impacting mental wellbeing which ultimately increases life span.

Cage Size

The size of the cage matters. Parakeets need to have enough space to fly around in their cages, flap their wings and play with toys and other birds (if you decide on getting more). A small cramped cage will not only shorten your bird’s life span but also lead to unhealthy behaviors like feather plucking.


As a pet owner, it is important that you understand the lifespan of a parakeet before deciding on investing in one. With proper care, attention and exercise routine as well as allowing them free time outside the cage while supervising them closely will help increase its chances of living longer than average. Remember: every minute spent with your little winged friend counts!