Basic Description

The Gyrfalcon is a large bird of prey from the falcon family. It has a distinctive grey, white and brown mottled plumage with a yellow-orange beak and legs. Its wingspan can reach up to 65 inches in size, making it one of the largest species of falcons.

Where To Find This Bird

Gyrfalcons are found throughout the northern hemisphere, particularly in areas with harsh climates such as Alaska, Northern Canada, North Europe and Asia. They have also been spotted in some parts of the United States but they are not native there.


Gyrfalcons prefer to live in open tundra or taiga habitats where they can hunt for food more easily. They are solitary birds that do not form flocks so they tend to stay away from other bird species while hunting or roosting. The Gyrfalcon will set up its nest on cliffs or rocky outcrops where it can find adequate protection from predators such as foxes and eagles.


The Gyrfalcong is an apex predator which means that it does not have any natural predators itself but preys on smaller animals such as ptarmigans, ducks, small mammals like hares and squirrels among others for sustenance . Additionally , this raptor has also been known to scavenge carrion if necessary .

Cool Facts
One interesting fact about the Gyrfalcon is that despite being relatively rare compared to other falcons , humans have used them for hunting purposes since ancient times due to their impressive size and speed when soaring through skies ! Furthermore , these majestic birds were once considered symbols of status amongst royalty due to their rarity – King Henry I was said to own at least 4 gryphons during his reign!