Groove-billed Ani

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Basic Description

The Groove-billed Ani is a fascinating bird that belongs to the cuckoo family. It’s one of the largest ani species and has black plumage covering its entire body with white underparts, red eyes, and a long tail. Its bill is very distinctive as it features deep grooves on both sides.

Where To Find This Bird

The Groove-billed Ani is commonly found in Central America from Mexico down to Panama. In the United States, they reside in southern Texas only during breeding season from April – September.


This bird prefers habitats such as woodland edges, open savannas, and scrubby areas close to water sources such as rivers or lagoons.


Groove-billed Anis are omnivorous birds that feed mainly on insects like grasshoppers and crickets. However, they also eat fruits such as bananas and mangoes when available.

Cool Facts

– The Groove-billed Ani is known for its unique nesting habits where up to seven pairs work together to build one giant nest.
– As social creatures, this bird communicates through various sounds including cackling laughter-like and whistling calls.
– They often roost communally by interlocking their bills while standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

In conclusion, the fascinating groove billed ani is an interesting bird with many unique characteristics that make it stand out amongst other members of its family. If you’re ever in southern Texas or Central America take some time out of your day to try spotting them!