Green Heron

The Green Heron, also known as Butorides virescens, is a small wading bird found in North and Central America. Below is an overview of this fascinating creature.

Basic Description

The Green Heron stands at approximately 18 inches tall and has a wingspan of about 26 inches. This bird’s plumage is primarily green with a chestnut-colored neck that extends into its breast region. The head appears to be black, but under certain lighting conditions, it may appear to have metallic hues of blue or purple.

Where To Find This Bird

To spot the Green Heron in North America, you should look for them near ponds, marshes, swamps, streams or even flooded fields. In Central America and Mexico they tend to reside near mangroves and other wetlands habitats like rice paddies or along rivers.


Green herons prefer dense vegetation as breeding sites due to their highly territorial nature. During non-breeding periods or when searching for food they can be seen hunting while standing on logs or branches over water bodies such as streams,pools etc.,this provides them an advantage since it allows the bird easy access to their prey beneath the surface


These birds feed mainly on fish which make up greater than half of their diet; however,insects,reptiles,frogs,and crustaceans are also consumed by these opportunistic hunters.

Cool Facts

One amazing thing about this species is that when hunting,it uses lures made from feathers,insects and twigs dropped onto the water;they wait patiently until unsuspecting fishes come closer before striking out at lightning speed.
Another interesting fact about them is how they use tools:If insects are too far away from where they’re perched ,they’ll use leaves and twigs as tools to reach and pull them within range.
The Green Heron, despite its small size, is also known for having a loud call that sounds like “skeow” or “kyow.”
Overall the bird is fascinating in many ways and worth studying if you have an interest in birds.