Greater Pewee

The Greater Pewee is a small bird that belongs to the family Tyrannidae. It is known for its distinct song, which it often sings from high perches in open woodlands and forests.

Basic Description

The Greater Pewee measures approximately 7-8 inches in length and weighs around 0.5 ounces. It has a gray-brown body with dark wings and tail feathers, as well as a pale belly. Its beak is short and pointed, and its eyes are black.

Where To Find This Bird

Greater Pewees can be found throughout western North America, including from southern Alaska down through Mexico. They also sometimes appear in parts of Central America during their migration periods.


Greater Pewees prefer open woodlands or forest edges where they can perch on tall trees or dead branches to sing their songs. They may also be found near streams or other water sources.


The diet of Greater Pewees consists mainly of insects, such as beetles, flies, grasshoppers, and moths. They catch these prey items while flying through the air or by gleaning them off of leaves or tree trunks.

Cool Facts

One interesting fact about the Greater Pewee is that it was named after its call – “pew-wee” – which sounds similar to the name itself! Additionally, despite being relatively common throughout many areas of western North America where their habitats overlap with human populations, this species remains largely understudied due to their elusive behavior patterns when nesting deep within forests.

In conclusion,The Greater Pewee’s unique song makes it one of the more easily recognizable birds in woodland habitats across much of North America. Its preference for perching high up on trees helps make visually locating this species a bit easier, provided you’re able to discern its small size and cryptic coloring. Nonetheless, for birdwatchers looking for a challenge or for those seeking an introduction to the world of songbirds, the Greater Pewee offers plenty of interesting attributes worth exploring more deeply.