Gray Hawk

The Gray Hawk is an impressive bird of prey that can be found throughout parts of the Americas. With its striking coloration and unique hunting techniques, this hawk has captured the attention and admiration of bird enthusiasts worldwide.

Basic Description

The Gray Hawk is a medium-sized bird, measuring between 16-20 inches in length with a wingspan of approximately 3 feet. Its plumage is primarily gray with white underparts and black markings on its tail feathers. It has a distinct red eye and yellow legs.

Where To Find This Bird

Gray Hawks are commonly found in Mexico and Central America but can also be seen in parts of South America, including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. In the United States they reside from Arizona to Texas along the Mexican border.


Gray Hawks prefer open forests or woodlands near water sources such as rivers or streams where they hunt for their prey which consist mostly of reptiles such as snakes,lizards,frogs etc.Their nests are usually located high up in tall trees near waterways.


The Gray Hawk’s diet consists mainly of small reptiles such as lizards and snakes but also includes other prey like rodents,e.g ground squirrels,cotton rats ,frogs,insects,and small birds.Their hunting technique involves sitting atop a perch while scanning their surroundings for movement then swooping down to catch their unsuspecting prey by surprise.They are known to fly low over vegetation or soar overhead looking out for potential food items.

Cool Facts

One interesting fact about these hawks is that they have been observed using tools during hunting! They will drop branches onto snake dens causing them to come out into open areas where it becomes easier for them to capture them.Another fascinating feature about these hawks is that they have a unique social structure; unlike most raptors who mate during breeding season only,the pairs remain together year-round and share hunting responsibilities.

In conclusion, the Gray Hawk is a fascinating bird of prey with unique characteristics that make it stand out from other birds in its family. Its striking appearance, impressive hunting skills, and interesting social behavior are just some of the reasons why this hawk has captivated the hearts of bird enthusiasts worldwide.