Gray Flycatcher

If bird watching is your hobby or you just love nature, then spotting a Gray Flycatcher can be an exciting experience. This small but beautiful bird has its own unique features and characteristics that make it stand out from other birds.

Basic Description

The Gray Flycatcher is a small passerine bird with a length of only about 5 inches and weighing approximately 0.4 ounces. It has grayish-brown feathers on its upper body with whitish-grey underparts. The wings have two white bars with light-colored edging, which makes them easy to identify in flight.

Where To Find This Bird

Gray Flycatchers are found across the western United States, where they inhabit open woodlands, sagebrush steppe, and alpine areas up to around 12,000 feet elevation. During migration season in spring and fall, they fly southward into Mexico for wintering.


These little birds prefer dry habitats such as sagebrush plains or juniper forests but can also be seen in mixed coniferous forests at higher elevations during breeding season. They are somewhat elusive due to their preference for perching high above ground level in trees like ponderosa pines where their muted colors blend well into the bark.


As their name suggests – “flycatcher” – this species preys mainly on flying insects such as flies and midges that it catches by flying out from a perch or hovering briefly before returning to land after snatching one up mid-air!

Cool Facts

– The Gray Flycatcher is known for its distinctive call – it sounds like short bursts of harsh chatters.
– Their nests are built relatively low down within shrubs or trees usually less than six feet off the ground.
– Despite not being very colorful themselves they have been known to capture flashy butterflies that cross their path while hunting insects.
– These birds may look quite similar but there are apparently several different subspecies and individual birds can vary in color depending on where they live.
– Despite being one of the most common flycatchers in North America, their numbers have been declining slightly over recent decades.

In conclusion, Gray Flycatchers may not be as flashy or colorful as some other bird species, but they are still fascinating creatures to observe. Their hunting prowess and unique features make them a must-add to any birder’s list.