Gray Catbird

The Gray Catbird is a small, shy bird with distinctive features that make it easy to recognize. This bird is found throughout North America and has an average lifespan of five years in the wild.

Basic Description

Gray Catbirds are about 8 inches long with a wingspan of 9-11 inches. They have dark gray feathers on their bodies and heads, with a black cap and tail. Their underparts are a lighter gray or white color, while their eyes are large and dark. Male and female Catbirds look similar except for slight differences in size.

Where To Find This Bird

The Gray Catbird can be found in wooded areas, parks, gardens, thickets or shrubby areas all over North America during springtime through fall migration period. During winter months they migrate southward to Central America or South Florida.


Gray Catbirds prefer dense brushy habitats such as understory vegetation within forests but they also thrive well around suburban yards having thickets which provide them safe shelter along with ample food sources like berries & insects.


Catbirds feed on insects primarily but also eat fruits like raspberries, blueberries & elderberries occasionally from bushes or trees near their breeding territories along with caterpillars spiders beetles moths etc.,

Cool Facts

One unique characteristic of the Gray Catbird is its ability to mimic other birds’ calls accurately (like mocking birds). They use this talent while defending their territory by singing unusual sounds among these mimicked songs too.
Another interesting fact about them is that they love water; bathing frequently at streams puddles birdbaths when given opportunity.
They’re known for making soft “mewing” vocalizations that sound more like kittens than birds!