Golden-winged Warbler

The Golden-winged Warbler is a small, brightly colored bird that can be found in the eastern and central parts of North America. It is about 4 to 5 inches long and weighs around 0.3 ounces.

Basic Description
The adult male has a black throat, gray head, white belly, yellow crown, and golden-yellow wing patches. The female looks similar but with less distinct coloration. Juveniles have brownish-gray plumage.

Where To Find This Bird
During breeding season (April- July), they inhabit open forest clearings near shrubs or old fields in northern Great Plains states like Minnesota or Wisconsin while migrating south for winter months they can be spotted as far north as southern Mexico.
Golden-winged warblers prefer early successional habitats like young forests and abandoned farmlands with dense understory vegetation including bushes or saplings that provide concealment during nesting season.

Their diet mostly consists of insects such as flies, beetles, caterpillars which are foraged from tree leaves or twigs throughout the canopy layer of their habitat.

Cool Facts
1) The Golden-winged warbler’s population faced significant decline over the past few decades due to loss of young forest habitat through logging & agricultural land-use practices.
2) Females tend to lay clutches amounting to four eggs per season however it is not uncommon for them to abandon nests when disturbed by predators such as snakes or raccoons.
3) They’re known occasionally mate with Blue-Winged Warblers resulting in hybridization between these two species.
4) In recent years conservation organizations have taken efforts towards preserving this endangered species by creating new habitats where suitable ecosystem occurs naturally – this includes reforestation projects across multiple states!
5) If you’re looking forward to spotting one its best heard rather than seen since their song sounds like buzzing “bee-buzz” notes!