Golden-crowned Sparrow

The Golden-crowned Sparrow is a strikingly beautiful bird found in the western part of North America. With its distinctive golden-yellow crown and black-and-white striped head, it’s easy to identify this sparrow among other birds.

Basic Description

The Golden-crowned Sparrow measures around 6-7 inches long with a wingspan ranging from 9-11 inches. Its plumage is mostly grayish-brown, except for its bright yellow crown on top of the head and black stripes running across the forehead and eyes. The beak is thick, conical-shaped, and pale pinkish-gray in color.

Where To Find This Bird

Golden-crowned Sparrows breed throughout Alaska, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories in Canada down to northern California near sea level. During migration seasons they can also be found along coastal areas through Washington state down into Baja California Sur.


This particular bird prefers habitats including shrubby fields near forest edges or clearings as well as low-elevation subalpine forests with plentiful underbrush such as salal bushes.


Their diet consists mainly of seeds such as those from dandelions and grasses but they will also feed on insects during breeding season when protein-rich foods are needed for young chicks.

Cool Facts

One interesting fact about the Golden-crowned Sparrow is that it has developed an ability to detect magnetic fields which aids them significantly in navigation during their migratory flights between wintering grounds towards breeding sites which can stretch thousands of miles apart! Additionally these sparrows have been known to form communal roosts at night where large numbers huddle together for warmth or protection from predators like owls or foxes looking for an easy meal.

In conclusion, if you’re ever fortunate enough to spot one of these beautiful birds while out exploring nature make sure you take some time to admire their unique features and fascinating behaviors!