Glossy Ibis

Basic Description

The Glossy Ibis, also known as the Plegadis falcinellus, is a member of the ibis family. The bird gets its name from its shiny feathers that display shades of iridescence ranging from dark green to bronze and purple. The body size of this species ranges between 55–65 cm in length with a wingspan averaging up to 95 cm.

Where To Find This Bird

Glossy Ibises can be found in many different parts of the world including Asia, Africa, South America and North America. In North America they are found mostly on the eastern coastlines from Florida up to Maine. They can also be seen in some central locations like Texas or Arizona.


These birds prefer wetland areas such as marshes or swamps where there is plenty of water for them to feed on aquatic species like fish and insects that thrive in these environments. They roost near each other during breeding season but spread out individually during migration periods.


The Glossy Ibis feeds primarily on small fish when it is not breeding but will adjust their diet accordingly based on seasonal food availability. During times when prey populations are low they will supplement their diet with snakes, frogs and smaller mammals.

Cool Facts

Glossy Ibises have prehistoric roots dating back over sixty million years ago to the Eocene period! One interesting fact about them is that they can drink saltwater unlike most other bird species because their kidneys filter out excess salt leaving only freshwater which allows them flexibility living along coastal habitats.

Furthermore, these birds also communicate through vocalizations like grunts or croaks although they may use visual movements too such as head bobbing or wing flapping during courtship displays!

Overall, Glossy Ibises are a unique species with their iridescent feathers, wetland habitat preference and fascinating adaptations. Spotting these birds in the wild or observing them at a nearby wetlands reserve can be an unforgettable experience for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike!