Franklin’s Gull

h2 Basic Description

Franklin’s Gull is a medium-sized bird that belongs to the family of Laridae. These birds are migratory and breed in Canada, USA, and Mexico. During winter, Franklin’s Gulls can be seen primarily in South America.

h2 Where To Find This Bird

If you’re looking to spot this species of gull during its migration journey, you may find it near large bodies of water such as lakes or coastal areas. In breeding season, they mainly inhabit prairies and open grasslands throughout North America.

h2 Habitat

Franklin’s Gulls prefer nesting on freshwater marshes and lakeshores situated across northernmost parts of North America including Manitoba and Saskatchewan province in Canada. They also nest in the Great Plains region which spans from Alberta (Canada) down to Texas (USA).

h2 Food

These gulls feed off insects such as ants or beetles along with crayfish and small fish found within their habitat. Franklin’s Gulls have unique behaviors when feeding; they frequently dip their wings into water while flying low over watercourses to capture prey beneath them!

h2 Cool Facts

One fascinating fact about these birds is that they have an incredible ability to fly long distances non-stop! These birds migrate approximately 11-13 thousand kilometers each year between their summer breeding grounds in North America and wintering sites located along Chilean coasts.

Another interesting aspect about Franklin’s Gull behavior includes nurturing young ones; adult females produce a special milk-like substance called ‘crop milk’ secreted from cells lining their esophagus that helps nourish newly hatched chicks until they are ready for solid food.

In conclusion, Franklin’s gulls are not only beautiful but possess several unique characteristics contributing towards making them one-of-a-kind creatures! With its exceptional navigational skills combined with remarkable survival tactics makes it stand out among other similar species within the avian world.