Flammulated Owl

Basic Description

The Flammulated Owl is a small owl that can be found in North America. They usually grow to be around 6-7 inches tall and have a wingspan of about 15 inches. These birds are named after the flame-like markings on their feathers, which makes them easy to distinguish from other types of owls.

Where To Find This Bird

Flammulated Owls can be found in western North America, particularly in the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas. They tend to live in forested regions with dense vegetation, making it difficult for humans to spot them.


These owls prefer to nest in old woodpecker holes or natural tree cavities high up in trees. They can also occasionally be found nesting on the ground under fallen logs or rocks. While they do not migrate, these owls will move up and down mountain slopes depending on where their preferred prey is located.


Like many other species of owl, the Flammulated Owl feeds mostly on insects such as moths and beetles but will also eat smaller mammals like rodents if they are available. These birds hunt primarily at night but may occasionally hunt during daylight hours too.

Cool Facts

Despite their small size, Flammulated Owls have some interesting characteristics worth noting:

-They have excellent hearing: Their ears are asymmetrical which helps them locate prey based on sound alone.
-Males make unique sounds: During mating season males produce a series of ‘hoots’ followed by what’s called an “architectural” call designed to attract females.
-They don’t build nests: Instead preferring pre-existing structures like woodpecker holes.
-The oldest known flammulated owl lived for almost nine years!

In summary, The Flammulated Owl is an elusive species of owl, known for its small size and flame-like markings on its feathers. They are native to western North America and prefer dense forested areas with plenty of insects to feed on. Despite their small size, these owls have excellent hearing and unique mating calls making them a fascinating bird worth learning more about!