Fish Crow

Basic Description

The Fish Crow, also known as Corvus ossifragus is a small American bird that belongs to the family of crows. It is similar in appearance to its close relative, the common crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) but is smaller in size, measuring about 16 inches long and weighing about 12 ounces. The bird has black feathers all over its body with its wings and tail being slightly glossier than the rest of its plumage.

Where To Find This Bird

This species of crow can be found throughout much of eastern North America from southern Maine down through Florida and into Texas. They are generally absent from deep forests or mountainous regions but can be commonly seen near water bodies like swamps, marshes, riversides or coastal areas.


Fish Crows prefer living in habitats associated with wetlands such as saltwater marshes or tidal creeks where they can find abundant food sources like fish, crabs and other aquatic creatures. These birds will also nest on tall trees overlooking their preferred habitat area.


As their name suggests these birds have a penchant for seafood! They feed primarily on small fishes such as minnows along with mussels crustaceans and other aquatic insects that live around freshwater bodies. Additionally they may feed on carrion or human scraps when they have no access to sea-food.

Cool Facts

One interesting aspect about Fish Crows is that they possess an ability called metacognition which means that they are able to recognize what information they do not know i.e., what things might still remain unknown even after an observation has been made by them . Another cool fact about these birds is that unlike most other crows who tend to travel in large numbers ,they tend to form smaller flocks of about 10-15 birds during non-breeding periods. Finally, for those bird watchers out there, you can easily distinguish a Fish Crow from its common cousin by the sound it makes – the former has a distinct nasal-sounding ‘caw!’ which sets it apart from other crows in North America!