Finding the Right Toys for Your Bird

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Owning a bird requires knowledge on how to keep your pet happy, but at the same time making sure it is safe. A bird is a pet just like a dog or cat, and you need to know the right way to take care of it. It takes as  much care to keep a bird safe, as it does to keep your own child safe. When choosing toys for your bird to play with you want to make sure you know just what can harm your bird and what is a good toy for them to play with. You wouldn’t allow your young child to play with just anything you find laying around, and so the same caution should be taken when providing toys for your bird.

A bird will probably be spending most, if not all, of its time in a cage, so it will need to something keep it from getting bored. Having some things for the bird to play with and occupy its time with, with help keep it healthy as well as happy. If your bird does not have anything to keep it active it can become overweight which can cause health problems. If you bird is bored, it may get depressed, which is not something any responsible pet owner wants.

When choosing toys for your bird, there are some things to consider. The first thing is the size of your bird. This will determine the size of toys that are appropriate for your bird to play with. If you have a large bird, than a tiny toy can be a choking hazard, or cause any other kind of trouble for your bird. If the toy you choose for your bird is too big, it may cause your bird to be afraid of it, which will lead to a scared, unhappy bird. It is clearly not a good idea to cause your bird to be afraid of a toy, as the bird won’t be able to get away from it and may cause stress. The toys should be the right size for your bird to avoid any trouble down the line.

Birds chew on everything, so the kind of toys you provide should be safe in the sense that they will not cause harm if they are consumed. Toys that are naturally dyed, or untreated toys, are the safest toys to give to your bird. If a toy has a material in it that can be poisonous, or just all around harmful, you should stay away from it. There are bird toys that have metal pieces on them, and metal, depending on which kind it is, can cause a variety of health problems for your bird.