Finding An Avian Vet For Your Pet Bird

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A good vet can give advice, and help you make decisions about caring for your bird, and the obvious, caring for it when it’s not well.

One way of finding an avian vet is to ask the breeder or another bird owner to recommend one.

When you check out a vet, you should look for certain things and ask certain questions.

  • Is the office clean?
  • Look for or ask to see bird-related equipment like an incubator, special bird syringes (to administer small doses), ophthalmic equipment (for surgery and for sexing), or perhaps a laser if the office is advanced enough.
  • Ask for a tour.
  • How’s the vet’s “bedside manner”?
  • Do you feel rushed or intimidated?
  • Do the costs seem reasonable?
  • Does your vet own any birds?

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