Evening Grosbeak

: A Beautiful Bird of the North

The evening grosbeak is a beautiful bird known for its vibrant colors and distinctive beak. In this post, we’ll take a look at some basic information about this amazing bird.

Basic Description

The evening grosbeak is known for its impressive size and colorful plumage. Males are usually bright yellow with black wings while females have more muted yellow coloring with brownish-gray wings. Both males and females have thick, conical bills that they use to crack open seeds.

Adult birds typically measure around 7-8 inches long with a wingspan of 12 inches or more. They weigh between 1.3-1.6 ounces on average.

Where To Find This Bird

Evening grosbeaks can be found in northern parts of North America from Alaska to Newfoundland, as well as in parts of Canada and Mexico during winter months when they migrate southward in search of food.


These birds prefer coniferous forests but can also be found in mixed forests, deciduous woodlands, or even suburban areas where there are trees and shrubs available for nesting and feeding.


As mentioned earlier, the evening grossbeak’s diet consists mainly of seeds; their strong beaks are perfectly suited for cracking open tough shells like those found on sunflower seeds or pine cones. They may also eat insects during breeding season when protein is needed to support developing young ones.

Cool Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the evening grosbeak:

• These birds were named after their habit of singing loudly at dusk.
• Their population numbers fluctuate widely depending on seed crop availability; they’re considered either common or rare depending upon how much food there is.
• Evening grosbeaks form flocks year-round but become especially social during winter migration when they gather by the hundreds or thousands to feed together.
• Some people consider them pests because their large flocks can be noisy and messy, but their beauty and unique characteristics make them a popular bird to watch for nature lovers.

In conclusion, the evening grosbeak is an amazing bird that’s worth taking the time to observe in its natural habitat. With its stunning colors, impressive size, and distinctive beak, this species is sure to capture your attention!