Elf Owl

As the smallest owl in North America, the Elf Owl is a fascinating bird species that never fails to captivate bird enthusiasts. From its physical characteristics to its habitat and diet, there are many interesting things to learn about this tiny creature.

Basic Description

The Elf Owl measures only 5-6 inches long and weighs around 1 ounce. With a wingspan of approximately 10 inches, it has large eyes relative to its size that help it hunt efficiently at night. Its feathers are mostly brown with white spots on the back and belly.

Where To Find This Bird

Elf Owls can be found from southern California to central Mexico. They prefer staying in desert areas with cactus vegetation where they nest in cavities or holes made by woodpeckers.


Due to their small size, Elf Owls need niches for protection against larger predators such as snakes or hawks. They use saguaro cacti as nesting sites because these plants provide perfect cover from weather elements and predators.


As nocturnal creatures, Elf Owls feed mainly on insects such as moths, grasshoppers, crickets, beetles among others. Interestingly enough,the elf owl does not require drinking water since they get all necessary hydration from their prey’s fluids!

Cool Facts

– The elf owl is the smallest owl in North America
– Their nests can be up high within saguaro cacti
– They eat so many scorpions that they’ve developed an immunity to their venom
– These birds have been known for being able mimic various sounds including rattlesnakes!

In conclusion,it’s amazing how much we can learn about this tiny bird species! By understanding more about its physical characteristics,habitat preferences,and dietary needs; we can appreciate this mini bird’s unique role in the ecosystem. With their resourcefulness, adaptability, and resilience, Elf Owls are a true wonder of nature!