Elegant Trogon

Basic Description

The Elegant Trogon, also known as the “God of the Birds” by the ancient Aztecs, is a stunning bird native to Mexico and parts of Arizona. This medium-sized bird has a vibrant green back and wings that contrast with its brick-red breast and belly. The male birds have a distinctive white patch on their throats, while females have duller colors.

Where To Find This Bird

The Elegant Trogon can be found in specific areas of Arizona’s mountain ranges during breeding season from May through August. Some popular spots for sighting include Madera Canyon near Tucson and Ramsey Canyon near Sierra Vista. In Mexico, they are mostly found in tropical forests across southeastern states such as Oaxaca, Chiapas or Veracruz.


These birds prefer to reside in thick primary oak woodlands with open understory spaces; however, they can sometimes be spotted at lower elevations through migration season. Due to their sensitivity to disturbance, protection of their habitat becomes critical for conservation efforts.


Elegant Trogons primarily feed on insects like beetles and grasshoppers but are known to eat some fruits occasionally as well. They catch prey by hovering mid-air before lunging forward suddenly.

Cool Facts

– The Elegant Trogon’s tail feathers played an essential role in Aztec mythology.
– These birds are monogamous breeders who form long-term pair bonds that last throughout the year.
– During courtship shows males produce loud calls which sound like “wok-wok-wok” often accompanied by flared tails
– According to scientific research, these species show high levels of cooperation between parents when raising youngs.

In conclusion, seeing an elegant trogon is a rare treat due to its exclusive habitat requirements making it all the more special. If you happen to find yourself in their range, keep an eye out for this “God of the Birds.”