Eastern Kingbird

The Eastern Kingbird is a fascinating bird species that inhabits parts of North and South America. These small yet mighty birds have unique characteristics and habits, making them an intriguing addition to the avian world.

Basic Description
The Eastern Kingbird measures around 7-9 inches in length and weighs about 1-2 ounces on average. They have a black cap on their head, grey upperparts, white underparts, and distinctive white feathers at the tips of their tail. The males and females look almost identical, with minor differences in size.

Where To Find This Bird
Eastern Kingbirds are native to North and South America. During breeding season (late May-June), they migrate from Central America to Canada’s southern areas for nesting purposes. Once they’re done breeding, they move back down south towards Mexico or further south for winters.

These birds prefer open spaces such as meadows, grasslands, farmlands or riparian forests near water sources such as rivers or streams during their migration period when searching for food or nesting sites.

As insectivores mostly consuming insects such as beetles
and dragonflies these birds tend to sally out into air catching flying prey while perched on branches usually returning back onto same perch after feeding but wont hesitate going after bigger pray like lizards if given opportunity

Cool Facts
One of the most notable things about Eastern kingbirds is how aggressive they can be while defending themselves against predators like snakes other birds or animals coming too close to its eggs nests plus fascinating fact it was declared national bird by Bolivia