Dusky Grouse

Basic Description

The Dusky Grouse (Dendragapus obscurus) is a bird species of the grouse family that is native to western North America. It is sometimes known by other names such as “drumming grouse” or “blue grouse”. The dusky grouse has a stout body, short neck and long wings with white tipped feathers. Its plumage varies in color from light brown to dark grayish-brown. Males have dark markings on their heads and throats during breeding season, which makes them easily identifiable from females.

Where To Find This Bird

The dusky grouse can be found in several parts of western North America, particularly in the western United States, Canada, and Alaska. It inhabits coniferous forests at higher elevations up to 3200m above sea level where it tends to stay hidden amongst dense vegetation including pine trees and shrubs. They are also commonly spotted near meadows and grasslands areas where they feed on different kinds of vegetation like leaves, flowers, buds and seeds; however they tend to avoid open fields due to fear of predators such as hawks or eagles while they are feeding or flying away quickly should one appear nearby.


Dusky Grouses prefer habitats with lots of cover for protection from predators like squirrels or hawks when searching for food among branches or foliage on the ground below tree canopies; often times these high elevation coniferous forests provide enough dense undergrowth for them escape detection during this period time as well having access plenty edible plant life year round . Additionally these mountainous regions support an abundance deciduous trees which provide another source nutrition(ie nuts/berries) when their primary food sources become scarce due summer months when there’s less rainfall compared winter months causing drooping branches leafless trunks not providing much sustenance through those dry periods throughout course year ..


Dusky bear food includes things like insects , nuts berries ,and twigs ; but mostly they will eat deciduous plants grasses seeds what ever else available depending location also enjoy munching fungi moss quite frequently some even consume small mammals lizards frogs while hunting larger animals unlikely typically only subsist on what could find closer environment around them …

Cool Facts Due its wide range distribution across Western US Canada Alaska Dusky Grouse has earned reputation being hardiest robustest avian species area capable surviving harshest conditions without difficulty making great adaptable companion any outdoor excursion you might take into wilderness … Furthermore males especially known engaging displays courtship behavior involving throat singing fanning tail feathers up against female’s backside order attract mate . As result this specific behavior creates loud drumming sound echoing through woodlands surrounding region hence nickname “drumming Grouse ” referred earlier .