: A Small Bird with a Big Personality

Dovekies, also known as little auks, are small seabirds that belong to the family Alcidae. These charming birds can be found in the cold waters of the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions, where they live on rocky outcroppings along the coastline. Despite their diminutive size, these birds have a big personality and are known for their playful antics and distinctive vocalizations.

Basic Description
Dovekies are small black-and-white birds that resemble penguins in appearance. They stand at around 7-10 inches tall and weigh between 4-8 ounces. Their wingspan is approximately 15 inches wide, which allows them to fly long distances over open water without tiring easily. They have short necks and stocky bodies with black backs and white bellies.

Where To Find This Bird
These lively birds can be found in various locations across Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia,and other parts of the Arctic region.Their breeding range spans from eastern Siberia to Newfoundland.These sea-loving creatures spend most of their lives far out at sea but come ashore during breeding season (March through June).

As mentioned earlier,Dovekies prefer living near rocky coastal areas.They make use of cliffs,caves or boulders as nesting sites.In winter time they’ll move further south down into pack ice zone.

Primarily Dovekie feeds on zooplankton,giving them an advantage by feeding lower down than seabirds who rely more on fish.To catch its prey,it dives underwater flapping its wings providing thrust until it reaches maximum depth using just gravity until it surfaces back again.

Cool Facts
•Despite being able to fly,doves cannot take off from land due to their weight;instead they need uphill slopes or strong winds.
•Their name “dovkie” comes from Norwegian “little diver” due to their amazing diving abilities.
•Dovekies have a remarkable vocalization known as ‘kee-kee-ree’ that is often heard during breeding season.

In conclusion, Dovekies may be small in size but are big on personality. From their distinctive appearance to their playful behaviors and unique vocalizations, these seabirds are truly fascinating creatures. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or simply appreciate the wonders of nature, the dovekie is definitely worth adding to your list of must-see birds.