Do Birds Fart? The Surprising Truth Behind the Myth


Farting, or the passing of gas, is a natural bodily function that occurs in humans and many other animals. However, have you ever wondered if birds fart? This is a common question asked by children and adults alike. In this blog post, we will explore whether or not birds produce gas from their digestive systems.

The Science Behind Farting

Before we jump into whether or not birds fart, it’s important to understand why all animals do it. Farts are primarily made up of different gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane that are produced during digestion. When these gases build up in the intestines and colon they need to be released from the body somehow – hence farting!

In most animals including humans, flatulence is caused by fermentable carbohydrates consumed through food along with swallowed air.

Do Birds Fart?

The short answer to this question is yes! Birds do indeed pass gas just like any other animal. However unlike humans who release both solid waste (feces) and gaseous waste when going to the bathroom; for birds those two functions happen separately.

Birds release solid waste in form of droppings which exit their bodies via what’s called a cloaca – an opening that serves as an exit point for urine and fecal matter along with eggs for female birds.

On the other hand farts are expelled out of bird’s body through its digestive system via its cloaca but separately from fecal matter.

Why We Don’t Often Hear About Bird Farts?

You might be wondering why we don’t hear about bird farts very often even though they do occur. One reason could be because bird farts aren’t as noticeable since they lack loud sounds or smells typically associated with human flatulence – instead being odorless due to less fermentation and gases compared to human digestive systems.

In addition, farts that are produced by birds usually happen in flight which is why it’s difficult for us humans to detect them since we don’t see or hear birds when they’re flying high up in the sky.


To sum up, just like any animal with a digestive system, birds do indeed fart. They expel these gaseous wastes separately from their fecal matter via their cloaca. Although not as noticeable as human flatulence, bird farts are completely normal and a natural process of digestion.