Costa’s Hummingbird

h2: Basic Description

The Costa’s Hummingbird is a small but mighty bird that can be found in the arid regions of the southwestern United States and Mexico. These tiny birds have shimmering green feathers on their backs, with a purple-colored crown on their heads. The males have an iridescent violet throat, commonly known as a gorget, which shimmers in different colors depending on the light angle.

h2: Where To Find This Bird

If you’re looking for Costa’s Hummingbirds, head to desert regions where there are plants like mesquite trees or ocotillos that provide nectar-producing flowers. You can spot these birds in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas within the US borders; they also reside southern parts of Baja California Peninsula and central states of mainland Mexico.

h2: Habitat

Costa’s hummingbirds prefer open areas with sparse vegetation such as deserts and scrublands where they live year-round feeding mostly from blooming shrubs or cacti flowers. They build nests low to the ground using twigs and weaving spiderwebs together for insulation.

h2: Food

As with any hummer species, these little birds need plenty of fuel to keep up their speedy metabolism. They mainly consume nectar from flowering plants but also enjoy insects like gnats or midges if they happen across them while hovering around.

h2: Cool Facts

Did you know that some people call this type of hummingbird “purple-faced”? It’s because male Costa’s Hummingbirds’ vibrant purple feathers almost look like a mask framing their eyes once they extend it during breeding season! Interestingly enough though females will use exposed webs when building nests instead of just collecting nesting materials adding extra insulation to make sure eggs stay warm at night too!

Another interesting fact is that unlike many other bird species who will migrate south for winter months; this particular kind tends not too far distance-wise, staying within their main breeding and feeding territory rather than migrating far away.

In conclusion, Costa’s hummingbirds are fascinating creatures of the desert regions with beautiful purple-crowned heads and shimmering green feathers on their backs. They can be found in parts of Mexico or southwestern United States where they feed on nectar from flowering plants while hovering around them, nesting low to the ground using spider webs as insulation during colder nights. If you’re lucky enough to spot one of these birds flying around, take a moment to appreciate their unique beauty!