Common Tern

The Common Tern is a beautiful medium-sized bird with long, pointed wings and a forked tail. These birds are found all over the world near coastlines, breeding in colonies on sandy beaches or rocky outcrops.

Where To Find This Bird
If you’re looking for Common Terns in North America, check out coastal areas of Canada and the United States during their breeding season (May to August). During their migration periods (March to May and August to October), they can be spotted along the Atlantic Coast as well as inland lakes and rivers. In Europe, they breed on islands from Iceland down to Portugal.

Common terns prefer open water areas where they can dive for fish easily. They nest in large colonies on sandy or rocky shorelines but have also been known to nest on man-made structures such as breakwaters or jetties.

These birds primarily feed on small fish like sand lance, herring and anchovy which they catch by diving head-first into the water from heights of up to 15 feet above sea level! They also eat insects when available.

Cool Facts
Did you know that Common Terns were once hunted for their feathers? They were used for decoration in women’s hats until laws were passed to protect these amazing birds.

Another interesting fact about these birds is that both parents will incubate eggs during nesting season – typically laying one egg per day up until a clutch size of three eggs has been reached.

Finally, it’s worth noting that while these graceful creatures may appear serene while flying through the air hunting prey – don’t underestimate them! Their sharp claws combined with an aggressive streak means they won’t hesitate if threatened – so give them plenty of space!

In conclusion, if you’re lucky enough to spot a Common Tern during your travels make sure to bask in awe at its incredible beauty but take care not disturb its environment! These birds are an important part of our ecosystem and deserve our respect.