Common Raven

The Common Raven is a fascinating bird known for its intelligence and adaptability. In this post, we will explore some of the interesting facts about this unique species.

Basic Description

The Common Raven is a large bird with shiny black feathers that have a blue or purple tint in the sunlight. They usually weigh between 1.5 to 4 pounds and can grow up to 27 inches long. Ravens are easily recognizable by their wedge-shaped tail, shaggy throat feathers, and sharp curved beak.

Where To Find This Bird

Common Ravens are found throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere from North America to Europe and Asia. In North America, they range from Alaska down through Canada and into parts of Mexico.

They are commonly seen in open areas like meadows, deserts, grasslands but also thrive in woods and forests near human habitation as well as urban environments.


Ravens prefer landscapes with rocky outcroppings or cliffs where they can nest safely away from predators like eagles or hawks. They tend to inhabit remote wilderness areas such as mountainsides but have been known to adapt readily to urban environments too.


Common Ravens typically feed on carrion (dead animals), fruit (especially berries), small mammals such as rodents, fish eggs & insects – making them an omnivorous scavenger species feeding on anything available that won’t fight back!

They’re known for being opportunistic eaters- taking advantage of whatever food source presents itself at any given time including raiding garbage cans!

Cool Facts

Ravens are one of the most intelligent birds in existence – their problem-solving abilities have earned them recognition among some researchers as having cognitive abilities similar to primates!


* Ravens mate for life.
* They can mimic human speech and other sounds.
* They are highly social, often forming large groups to roost together at night.
* Ravens have cultural significance in many indigenous cultures throughout North America and Europe.

In conclusion, the Common Raven is a remarkable bird that has captured the fascination of humans for centuries. Their intelligence, adaptability, and unique behaviors make them a species worth studying and admiring from afar.