Common Grackle

: A Species of Bird You Need to Know

The Common Grackle, scientifically known as Quiscalus quiscula, is found in many regions across North America, and it is one species of bird you need to know. With its iridescent black feathers that glisten in the sun or light, this medium-sized bird stands out from other birds. In this article, we will discuss basic information about the Common Grackle; where to find them; their habitats; food preferences and interesting facts about these fascinating creatures.

Basic Description:

The Common Grackle has a unique appearance with males being slightly larger than females. Males are usually 12-13 inches long compared to female which measures 10-11 inches. They have glossy black feather bodies while their eyes are yellowish-white giving an extra touch of beauty on their appearance. The beak is straight but sharp at the tip making them good foragers.

Where To Find This Bird:

These birds can be found throughout most parts of North America but they prefer areas with open space such as farmlands and meadows where they can easily fly around when looking for food or nesting sites.


Common Grackles prefer living near human settlements like suburban towns because there’s easy access to plenty of food sources such as trash cans and crops planted by humans. They also like spending time around water sources like streams or lakes since it offers perfect conditions for hunting prey.


Common grackles eat almost anything including insects, small mammals, lizards and frogs whenever they’re available but seeds make up 75%of their diet especially during winter months when insect populations decline drastically.

Cool Facts:

Did you ever notice how common grackles often congregate in large numbers? That’s because these social birds enjoy being together both during breeding season and outside breeding season. Another fun fact: young male common grackles imitate sounds made by other animals in their surroundings. They are known for mimicking human speech, car alarms and other bird calls.

In conclusion, the Common Grackle is a fascinating bird that you should look out for when next you’re in North America. From its captivating iridescent feathers to its interesting adaptations, there’s always something new to learn about these creatures. Knowing where they live or what they eat can help you attract them to your backyard and observe their natural behaviours from up close.