Cedar Waxwing

Basic Description

The Cedar Waxwing is a stunning bird with distinct features that make it easy to identify. This medium-sized bird has a brownish-gray body, black mask around the eyes, and bright yellow-tipped tail feathers. Its wings are outlined in white and have red wax-like droplets on them.

Where To Find This Bird

Cedar Waxwings can be found throughout North America and parts of Central America during different seasons. During the breeding season, they are usually found in Canada and Alaska but will migrate southward during winter.


These birds prefer open woodlands, orchards, swamps, and suburban areas where fruits are readily available. They also nest near water sources such as streams or ponds.


Cedar Waxwings feed primarily on fruit. Their diet includes berries from trees like cedar berries, juniper berries, mistletoe berries as well as other small fruits like cherries and raspberries. They also eat insects such as flies or beetles when fruits are scarce.

Cool Facts

– Cedar Waxwings often move in flocks that can number up to several hundred birds.
– These birds have an unusual feature for their species: they molt twice a year instead of just once.
– The red wax-like droplets that appear on their wings may serve no purpose besides attracting mates.
– Cedar Waxwings have been known to get drunk off fermented fruit.

In conclusion, the Cedar Waxwing is a unique bird with many interesting characteristics that make it stand out from other species. With its striking appearance and preference for feeding on fruits over insects or seeds like most birds do makes it an incredible sight to behold for those lucky enough to spot one in the wild!