Canyon Towhee


The Canyon Towhee is a medium-sized terrestrial bird with a unique appearance. It has a long tail, rounded wings, and a strong beak. The male birds have brownish-grey feathers on their head, neck, and back while the female birds have more muted colors. Both male and female birds have reddish-brown feathers under their tails.

Where to Find This Bird:

Canyon Towhees are found in different parts of North America such as Mexico, California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. They prefer areas with shrubs that provide cover for nesting sites.


These birds live in arid regions like deserts or scrublands which are covered by tall grasses or bushes located near canyons or rocky outcroppings.


Canyon Towhees primarily feed on insects but they also eat seeds that fall from plants during dry seasons when prey becomes scarce. These birds use their sturdy bills to search for food items buried beneath the ground’s surface.

Cool Facts:

– Despite being active mostly during the day time hours these bird species occasionally sing at night.
– The Canyon Towhee’s scientific name Melozone fusca means “dark melody”.
– Male towhees help females build nests made up of twigs and leaves placed in concealed locations within brush thickets.
– Their diet consists mainly of bugs including beetles caterpillars ants and spiders but will supplement it with fruits nuts berries seeds grits small lizards snails slugs rodents snakes frogs etc making them opportunistic omnivores.
– These birds make clicking noises using their bill to communicate with each other instead of vocalizations unlike many other bird species.


The Canyon Towhee may not be one of the most well-known species of bird out there but its unique look fascinating behaviors make it worth learning about! Whether you’re lucky enough to spot them in your backyard or out on a hike in their natural habitat be sure to take note of these impressive birds.