Can parrots eat plums?

Can Parrots Eat Plums?

Parrots are beautiful and intelligent birds, with some species being kept as pets for thousands of years. Parrots come in a range of colors and sizes, each requiring specific care to maintain their health. A key part of keeping parrots healthy is providing them with the right food – so can parrots eat plums?

Are Plums Good For Parrots?

Plums are a type of stone fruit, which means they have an inedible pit or stone inside the juicy flesh. The skin is edible and contains plenty of antioxidants – though it may be slightly bitter tasting. The flesh is sweet and juicy, making it a tasty treat for humans! So what about parrots?

In short, yes – plums can form part of a balanced diet for most types of parrot. Due to its high sugar content however, plum should only be offered sparingly (no more than once per week) as an occasional treat due to its high sugar content; this applies even if the plum has been peeled or pitted as there’s still plenty of natural sugars present. It’s also important that any plum given to your pet bird should be washed thoroughly beforehand – if you wouldn’t eat it without washing it first then neither should your pet bird!

Preparation And Serving Of Plums For Parrots

To ensure your pet bird gets all the nutrition from any fruits you give them (including plums) preparation plays an important role too! If giving whole plums make sure these are sliced into small pieces/wedges OR peeled before serving up; this will help prevent choking hazards as well ensuring easier digestion when eaten by smaller birds such as budgies or cockatiels etc., rather than simply presenting one large piece which could potentially cause problems whilst eating.

If peeling isn’t suitable then cutting into wedges helps too; just remember not to cut off huge chunks (pieces larger than half inch); again this reduces any potential choking hazards but also ensures that smaller birds are able to consume and digest easily too – because whether big or small we want our feathered friends eating safely at all times!.


In conclusion, while plums can form part of a balanced diet for most types of parrot – care must always be taken when introducing new foods like this; particularly when offering treats like fruits due their higher sugar content and potential choking hazards depending on size/preparation etc.. In addition whilst fresh produce does offer more nutrients compared to processed products we recommend consulting with an avian vet prior introducing anything new where possible – just so you know your beloved birdie companion is getting everything they need nutritionally speaking for optimum health & wellbeing 🙂