Can parrots eat kale?

Can Parrots Eat Kale?

Parrots are a type of bird species that have become popular in many households as pets. As with any pet, owners want to make sure they feed their birds the best food available. One food item that is often discussed when it comes to parrot nutrition is kale. So can parrots eat kale?

Nutrition Benefits in Kale for Parrots

Kale contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber which makes it an excellent choice for providing essential nutrients to a parrot’s diet. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants which can help promote heart health and general wellbeing. Additionally, kale is low in fat so it will not contribute too much extra calories to your bird’s diet.

Feeding Kale Safely To Your Parrot

It is safe for parrots to eat kale but there are some precautions you should take before feeding this leafy green vegetable to your bird:

– Make sure all of the leaves are washed thoroughly because pesticides may be present on non-organic varieties of kale.

– Feed only small amounts at first until you know how your bird will react since some parrots may not like the taste or texture of this vegetable.

– Do not feed cooked or processed versions of this vegetable because these options might contain added ingredients that could be harmful for your pet’s health or digestion system such as salt or oil).

– Remove any stems from the leaves as these can cause digestive issues due to their fibrous nature which could lead to blockages if consumed by birds (especially smaller varieties).


Overall, yes –parrots can safely consume small amounts of raw organic kale as part of their balanced diets! However, make sure you always monitor how much they eat and keep an eye out for any potential signs of gastrointestinal distress after introducing new foods into their diet just like you would with any other pet!