Can parrots eat apples?

Can Parrots Eat Apples?

Apples are a nutritious and delicious treat for humans, but can parrots eat apples too? The answer is yes! As long as you follow certain guidelines when feeding apples to your pet parrot, it can be a healthy part of their diet.

Benefits of Eating Apples

Apples provide important vitamins and minerals for parrots, including vitamin A, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. They also contain dietary fiber which helps keep birds’ digestive systems functioning properly. And the antioxidants in apples may help protect birds from free radical damage that can cause premature aging and disease.

How To Feed Apples To Your Parrot

The best way to feed apples to your parrot is by serving them fresh or lightly steamed slices. You should never feed cooked apple pie fillings or canned apple products because they contain unhealthy additives such as high levels of sugar or preservatives that could be harmful to your bird’s health. Make sure the slices are small enough so that your bird can easily bite into them without choking on any large chunks. Raw apple seeds should also be avoided because they contain cyanide which can be toxic if ingested in high amounts by birds.

If you want to give your bird dried apples, make sure that they were processed without added sugars or preservatives and kept at a low temperature during storage in order to retain their nutritional value more effectively over time than fresh fruit would have done. It’s best not give too much dried fruit though since it contains more concentrated nutrients than fresh fruit does – so try offering it only occasionally as an occasional snack rather than part of the regular diet for your pet parrot..

Finally remember never leave uneaten pieces around for extended periods of time as this will attract pests like ants which may harm or scare away your feathered friend!


In conclusion, yes parrots can eat apples safely provided you follow these simple guidelines: serve only fresh/lightly steamed slices; avoid raw seeds; opt for dried versions processed with no added sugars/preservatives; offer occasional treats rather than adding dried fruits regularly into their diets; remove uneaten pieces quickly after meals etc… Doing this will ensure that both you and your beloved companion reap all the benefits of eating this nutritious fruit!