Can parakeets eat onions?

Can Parakeets Eat Onions?

Parakeets, also called budgerigars or simply budgies, are small and colorful parrots that make popular pets. Like other birds, they need a diet that is varied and nutrient-rich in order to remain healthy. But can parakeets eat onions?

The short answer is no. Onions are toxic for all birds, including parakeets. They contain thiosulphate which is an ingredient known to be harmful to the avian species. Eating even small amounts of onion can cause allergies, stomach issues and breathing difficulties in these animals due to their sensitive digestive systems. It’s important not to let your parakeet come into contact with any form of onion such as cooked or raw because it could be fatal if ingested by accident.

What Can Parakeets Eat Instead?

Fortunately there are plenty of healthy options available for your pet parrot’s diet! A combination of fresh fruits and vegetables should make up at least 75% of their daily intake – this includes things like kale, spinach, apples (without seeds), carrots (cooked or raw), blueberries etc. It’s best to avoid very sweet treats like bananas as too much sugar isn’t good for them either! You may also want to consider giving some fortified birdseed mix as well – just make sure it doesn’t include any dried onion powder or pieces before serving it up!


In conclusion: no, you cannot feed onions to your pet parrot because they can be toxic when ingested by them – even in very small amounts! However there are lots of other nutritious foods that provide the same benefits without putting their health at risk so make sure you provide a balanced diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables along with some fortified seed mix every day!