Can parakeets eat goji berries?

Can Parakeets Eat Goji Berries?

Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are a type of fruit that grows on a shrub native to China. They are widely believed to be incredibly healthy and rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Naturally, many people wonder if their parakeets can eat such nutritious superfruit as well. The answer is yes! In fact, goji berries are an excellent treat for parakeets due to their nutrient content and sweet taste.

Nutritional Benefits of Goji Berries

Goji berries contain many compounds beneficial for your bird’s health including beta-carotene (a precursor for vitamin A), vitamin C, iron and dietary fiber. Additionally they provide essential fatty acids which help support your bird’s immune system and metabolism as well as promote overall wellbeing. They also have medicinal properties – studies suggest goji berries may help increase antioxidant activity in the body while reducing inflammation caused by free radicals. All of these benefits make them an ideal snack for parakeets!

How To Feed Your Parakeet Goji Berries

There are several ways you can feed your pet goji berries: dried or fresh ones both work equally well but keep in mind the latter will spoil much faster than the former so it’s best to buy some organic dried ones from a health food store or online retailer if you plan on keeping them around longer than a few days at home. However don’t forget that even dried fruits still need to be refrigerated once opened – this helps preserve their nutritional value and prevents bacteria growth over time! You can give your bird small pieces of the berry either directly with tweezers or mixed into its regular diet – about 1/4 teaspoon per day should suffice for most birds depending on size/age etcetera. Just remember never to offer more than what is recommended since high levels of sugar from too much natural fructose could potentially lead to obesity related problems later down the line (elevated triglycerides).


In conclusion, feeding your pet parrot gojis is absolutely safe provided you follow all instructions above – particularly when it comes down portion sizes so not only does it benefit their nutrition but these tasty treats might just make mealtime more enjoyable too! Always check with a qualified avian veterinarian first if there any concerns about potential allergies before introducing new foods into its diet though – better safe than sorry after all :).