Can parakeets eat cilantro?

Can Parakeets Eat Cilantro?

Parakeets, also known as budgies, are small, cheerful birds that make popular pets. While parakeets have a varied diet in the wild, owners should be careful about what they feed their pet parakeet as some foods can be dangerous for them. This begs the question: can parakeets eat cilantro?

The Benefits and Risks of Feeding Cilantro to Parakeets

Cilantro is an herb that has many health benefits for humans but it’s not always clear if these benefits extend to other animals like parakeets. In general, cilantro is relatively safe for your parakeet and can provide them with valuable nutrients such as vitamin A and fiber. It also contains antimicrobial compounds which may help keep their digestive system healthy and reduce bad bacteria in their gut. However, while it’s unlikely that eating a small amount of cilantro will harm your bird, there are still some risks associated with feeding this herb to your pet. For instance, too much cilantro could cause digestive issues due to its high fiber content or lead to respiratory problems if consumed in large quantities since fresh herbs contain volatile oils which can irritate the lungs when inhaled. Therefore, it’s important to feed your bird only a small amount of finely chopped cilantro on occasion rather than offering them regular meals consisting solely of this herb.


In conclusion, while feeding your pet parakeet small amounts of freshly-chopped cilantro may provide beneficial vitamins and minerals along with having potential antibacterial properties which could improve digestion or immunity; there are certain risks associated with consuming too much at once such as possible respiratory irritation or digestive upset due to its high fiber content so caution should be taken when offering this food item to your feathered companion!