Can parakeets eat apple skin?

Can Parakeets Eat Apple Skin?

Many pet parakeet owners are curious as to whether their feathered friends can eat apple skin. After all, apples are a notoriously healthy snack for people and other animals, so why not parakeets?

The answer is that yes, parakeets can safely eat apple skin – but only in moderation! Apples contain a lot of fiber, which is difficult for the small birds to digest. Eating too much apple skin can lead to digestive issues and gastrointestinal distress. In addition, apples contain high levels of vitamins A and C that can be dangerous if consumed in excess by parakeets.

It’s important to remember that any food given to your pet should be offered in moderation. Feeding your bird too many fruits or vegetables (including those with skins) could lead to nutritional imbalances or an upset stomach due to overeating.

How To Feed Apple Skin To Your Parakeet

If you decide you would like your parakeet(s)to have the occasional bit of fresh fruit including apple skin then here are some tips:

1. Start small – offer only thin slices of peeled or unpeeled apples as treats no more than once every couple days at first. Watch closely how they respond before increasing portion size or frequency;

2. Offer pieces alongside their regular seed mix diet;

3. Make sure the pieces are soft enough for them break apart easily without choking hazards;

4 .Make sure you remove any seeds from the apple slice before feeding it because these pose potential choking hazards; and

5 .Discard any leftovers after about an hour since bacteria can form quickly on old pieces of fruit left out at room temperature for too long..


In conclusion, while it’s safe for most species of pet birds—including budgies—to consume small amounts of cooked/baked fruits including apples with the skins intact on occasion they should never replace a well-rounded diet consisting primarily of commercially available birdseed mixes supplemented with fresh vegetables/fruits occasionally as treats only.. Be sure that when offering anything new it’s done so slowly over time after evaluating how your bird responds symptomatically before deciding if this particular treat should become part of its daily routine – especially when introducing something like raw fruits containing natural sugars such as an apple (with/without its peel).