Can Cockatiels Swim? Here’s What You Need to Know

Can Cockatiels Swim?

Cockatiels are beloved pet birds, known for their friendly and often silly personalities. They make great pets because they are smart and affectionate, but there is one question that is commonly asked about them: can cockatiels swim?

The answer to this question is yes, cockatiels can swim. However, since they do not have waterproof feathers like some other aquatic birds, it’s important to keep an eye on them when you are allowing them to play in water. Although swimming is a natural instinct for them, it does require careful monitoring from the owner in order to ensure their safety.

Why Do Cockatiels Swim?

Swimming helps keep your cockatiel healthy by providing exercise and stimulation. Swimming also allows them to cool down if they become too hot or stressed out; however, bathing should not be used as a substitute for air conditioning! In the wild, these birds will often take baths in puddles or shallow streams of water as part of their daily routine. Being able to provide your bird with opportunities for swimming can help create an environment similar to what he may find in nature.

How To Give Your Cockatil A Safe Environment For Swimming

When creating an area where your cockatil can safely swim and play around in water you want to make sure you use materials that won’t potentially harm him such as plastic tubs filled with clean fresh water (that has been dechlorinated). The depth of the pool should be only ankle deep so that your bird doesn’t have any danger of drowning or getting stuck under the surface. You’ll also want ensure there aren’t any sharp edges near where he’s playing so he doesn’t injure himself while enjoying his aquatic activities! Lastly adding plants into the mix gives him something else stimulating inside his pool which makes it even more fun/natural feeling experience overall!


While swimming isn’t essential for keeping a happy and healthy cockatil – it certainly provides lots of mental stimulation and physical activity! If done correctly with proper supervision from its owner then this activity can bring nothing but joy into both yours & your feathered friends life alike !