Can cockatiels eat plums?

Can Cockatiels Eat Plums?

Cockatiels are small, social birds that make great pets. They have a pleasant singing voice and require some level of care to keep them healthy. One of the most important aspects of their diet is knowing what they can eat and what they shouldn’t eat. This article will focus on whether or not cockatiels can safely consume plums.

Are Plums Safe for Cockatiels?

Plums are generally considered safe for cockatiels to consume in moderation. Plums contain vitamins A, C, and K, which mostly benefit a bird’s immune system, eyesight, and bone health respectively. The seeds should be removed before feeding it to the bird as they could pose a choking hazard if swallowed whole, but this also applies to other fruits like apples or cherries. Additionally, plum pits contain cyanide which is toxic when consumed in larger quantities, so it’s best to avoid giving your birds any part of the pit as well as any unripe plums (green skin). If you’re unsure if your plum is ripe enough for consumption, then it’s better not to feed it at all, just in case!

Benefits of Eating Plums

Plum flesh offers various benefits when eaten by cockatiels:

    • Vitamin A: This vitamin helps promote good vision while protecting against infection.
    • Vitamin C: This vitamin aids in healing wounds faster as well as helping with organ function.
    • Vitamin K: This helps with blood clotting processes, such as healing from bruises or cuts more quickly.

As previously mentioned, however; these benefits only come from consuming ripe fruit without any pits present, so make sure you remove them before offering the fruit! Additionally, since plums are high sugar content foods – diabetic birds should refrain from eating too much lest their glucose levels become imbalanced due to excess sugar intake.