Can Cockatiels and Parakeets Eat the Same Food? A Guide to Feeding Your Feathered Friends

Cockatiels and parakeets are both small birds that belong to the parrot family. These two species share a lot of similarities in terms of their dietary requirements, but there are also some differences. In this blog post, we will explore whether cockatiels and parakeets can eat the same food.

Similarities Between Cockatiel And Parakeet Diet

Both cockatiels and parakeets are seed-eaters in the wild. They feed on various types of seeds like millet, sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, etc. Therefore, commercially available birdseed mixes designed for these birds typically have similar ingredients.

Besides seeds, they also need fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain optimal health. Examples include apples, grapes, bananas as well as broccoli or kale leaves which provide essential vitamins and minerals.

The owners must provide water alongside their diet since it is important for digestion purposes; therefore water should be always made accessible at all times.

Differences Between Cockatiel And Parakeet Diet

Despite sharing lots of similarity when it comes to feeding habits between these two bird breeds; there is still a significant difference when comparing them side by side.

One main contrast lies within their calcium needs –parakeets require more calcium than cockatiels which means they should consume extra supplements such as cuttlefish bone or eggshells so that they can grow healthy bones during growth periods especially if female because they lay eggs regularly

Another difference occurs with regard to protein intake -cockatiels require higher levels than USNLs (Undulated Slaty-naped Lories) due to elevated metabolic rates during flight whereas Budgies do not expend energy doing so hence low protein levels suffice for them.

Finally regarding one’s preference over another- some prefer finch mixtures because this has all necessary nutrients included while others prefer using separate grains/seeds such as millet, canary seed or sunflower to make their own blend according to the bird’s liking.


In conclusion, while these two species may share a lot of similarities in terms of their dietary requirements; there are still some differences that should be taken into consideration. Owners must be aware of and informed about what food products they provide for their birds to maintain optimal health throughout life stages.

Ultimately it’s up to you as an owner on which diet best suits your avian pet because both Cockatiels and Parakeets require different feeding habits based on individual circumstances such as age, sex and activity level so one needs make sure they are providing them with adequate nutrition!