Budgies and Swimming: Can They Do It? A Guide to Keeping Your Budgie Safe in the Water


Budgies are small, colorful birds known for their playful and social nature. They are kept as pets in many households around the world. As responsible pet owners, we often wonder what activities our feathered friends can safely engage in. One such activity is swimming.

Budgies and Water

Budgies love to take a bath; they enjoy splashing water on themselves using their beaks or wings. However, when it comes to swimming, budgies are not natural swimmers like ducks or geese. In their native habitat of Australia’s grasslands, budgies do not have large bodies of water where they could swim.

Swimming Ability of Budgies

Although budgies cannot swim naturally like other birds that spend most of their lives near water sources, they can still swim if necessary because of instinctive reflexes that kick in when they fall into the water accidentally.

If you intend to introduce your budgie to swimming as a recreational activity—perhaps during summer—careful observation is recommended before allowing them into the pool or bathtub filled with water.

Precautions Before Allowing Your Budgie To Swim:

1) Supervision: Always supervise your bird while it is swimming;

2) Depth: Ensure that the depth of the container is shallow enough for your bird’s size;

3) Temperature: Make sure that the temperature of any body of water you allow your bird into does not exceed room temperature;

4) Drying off: Dry off your bird immediately after taking it out from swimming since wet feathers may cause illnesses such as hypothermia if left unchecked.

5) Safety procedures – For example – Covering mirrors so there isn’t a risk confusing reflections with exit routes

By following these precautions, you will make sure that your budgie remains safe and happy throughout the swimming experience.


In conclusion, while budgies are not natural swimmers like other birds and require proper precautions to be taken when allowing them into the water for recreational activities, they can still enjoy swimming safely if you take adequate care. This summer, let your budgie have a splash in the pool or bathtub under your watchful eye!